Our Roots

Nana Pam's Jams, LLC is a premier artisanal jam company located in Denver, CO that specializes in unique fruit pairings in jams and preserves,  Nana Pam has been lovingly hand crafting jam since 1977.  And today her grandson Dara has taken her traditional techniques for preserving fruit and infused his unique brand of modern nostalgia to create a premier family-owned and operated company.  

Dara's mission is to source sustainably grown fruit from local growers and to appeal to modern sensibilities by preserving  and combining the most vibrant fruit flavors to highlight  the fruits' exquisite texture and produce a subtle balance of flavors, and a perfect tart-sweet balance.


What Makes Us Unique

As jam makes a comeback, we're definitely making jam cool again. And our unique offerings are what sets us apart.

Founded by 11 year old Dara Odugbesan in April 2017, Nana Pam's Jams is the product of his young entrepreneurial spirit and Nana's patient teachings of her secret fruit preserving techniques. Nana Pam's Jam has been a pantry staple for 40 years. Long before jam came back into style, Nana Pam was making jams as a way to preserve the flavors of summer though the winter. 

Dara's mastery of preserving enables Nana Pam's Jams to constantly offer new flavors, working with the widest possible array of fruits to offer simple, yet unusual flavors, Our goal at Nana Pam's Jams is always to showcase the flavors of fruit first. tarted by 11 year old aspiring chef and young entrepreneur, Dara O., the company's mission is to source sustainably grown fruit from local growers and to appeal to modern sensibilities by preserving  and combining the most vibrant fruit flavors to highlight exquisite fruit texture while producing a subtle balance of flavors, and a perfect tart-sweet balance.

Dara's Story

Dara is an aspiring chef and young entrepreneur who has had an enterprising spirit since the age of four.  After coloring a placemat at a restaurant, he handed the picture to his mother, named its price and stated he was raising money to buy Nana the house next door.

Since that time, Dara has started three other successful businesses, including Nana Pam's Pantry, which specializes in delivering gluten-free baked goods such as gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cupcakes.

Nana Pam's Jams LLC marks Dara's fourth business venture.  After learning Nana's techniques, he began selling Nana's Legendary Strawberry and Nana's Strawberry Blueberry around his neighborhood.  When he started getting requests for other flavors, the idea for Nana Pam's Jams LLC took shape. Dara is inspired to create new flavors during his travels near and far, from his local farmers' market to the open air markets of Mexico and the Caribbean from which he is currently conceptualzing how to capture the essence of the exotic such as chokeberries, rambutan, lychee, and hibiscus.

When he is not managing his other businesses, baking, or crafting new jams, Dara enjoys freestyling on his scooter, snowboarding, mountain biking,  and playing soccer.

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