Our Jams and Preserves

Each lovingly crafted jar of Nana Pam’s Jam is bursting with fruit picked at peak ripeness so you get that fresh-off-the-vine flavor in every spoonful. We start with the freshest fruits and blend them with the finest complementary ingredients.

Each small batch of our award-winning jams are prepared using the exact traditional methods meticulously developed by Nana over the last 40 years.  The fruits are hand-cut to avoid bruising and preserve the natural flavor and texture.  

Throughout the preparation process our hand-crafted batches are simmered to perfection until they reach their peak flavor.  With the exception of Legendary Strawberry and Strawberry Blueberry, we do not use pectin. The result is a softer set with a velvety spread that is perfect for everything from soft breads to toppings to marinades.  

Using only the finest ingredients, like smoked cinnamon in our blueberry habanero, organic rosemary fresh from our herb garden in our strawberry rhubarb, and saffron and crystalized ginger in our peach mango, our jams are filled with the freshest fruits, bringing out a burst of flavors and nutrients in every spoonful. 

All pint jars contain a generous 18oz. net weight of product. All half pint jars contain 10oz net weight of product. 


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